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We are changing the digital health landscape to augment primary, preventive and predictive healthcare services by bringing Open API Interoperable framework based technology driven products and services.
Test Parameters using our Products

Our Products are capable of conducting most of the tests which are quintessential and relevant in primary healthcare and preventive health checkup.

The test parameters provide truly comprehensive health status of the beneficiary and gives an impactful health screening report.

Starting from general basic to vital advanced tests, our products are capable of providing functional test reports on all vital specific organ systems like heart, liver, kidney, and pancreas too.

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If you are an individual, company, or an organization with keen interest in medical IoT, healthcare technology, or serving communities in your own way, we would love to explore the possible collaboration for larger benefit.

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YoloHealth ATM is a revolutionizing one stop platform for healthcare accessibility. It is empowering us to take charge of our own wellbeing in today’s hectic schedule. I call it Health On-The-Go as its advanced Health ATMs bring health checkups to easily accessible, convenient locations. No more long waits or scheduling conflicts for anyone anymore. We can now monitor our health anytime, anywhere!
Through proactive health monitoring, we detect early signs of diseases. Timely interventions pave the way for better health outcomes.
CR Park Police station New Delhi

I'm extremely satisfied with the quick health check-up & consultation services provided by Yolo HealthATM. Within minutes, I received a comprehensive assessment of my health status, and the virtual consultation with a healthcare professional was insightful and reassuring.
Virendra Kumar
Lead- Strategic Alliances & Partnerships, Zyla Health


Today I got my test done from Yolo Health Atm machine. It’s a magic machine as you get all your test results for BP, Diabetes and for many other basic health parameters.
Machine is advanced and convenient to you. I request you all to get your health check up done soon with Yolo Health ATM to diagnose and prevent the chances of any disease.

Jay Dev
Head Constable CR Park Police Station New Delhi


Yolohealth ATM is so convenient for health checkup. It is super super fast in a similar way like you use ATM machine to take out money in no time, your complete health reports will be in your hands in no time like BP, heart, diabetes and other tests.

I really appreciated this initiative of affordable health care access and would request you all to get your Health Check Up done now!

House Wife
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Vinayak Kumar
Managing Director (MD)
Dr. Prashant Kulshrestha
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Pradeep Sonkar
Chief Product Officer (CPO)
Piyush Soni
Vice President - Partnership & Alliance

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