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Advance HealthATM

Advanced Health ATM is an aggregation of US FDA / EU CE certified IoT-enabled medical devices combined with Yolo Health’s proprietary HIPAA compliant software backend, and cloud-centric platform supporting Tele-Medicine facility. It is an intelligent and compact kiosk, for instant testing of 65+ parameters – invasive & non-invasive, diagnosing several diseases. It comprises of Integrated Doctor Consultation Platform for medication administration, and patient management.
Service Features
ABDM compliance
Open API & Interoperable Network
Interactive user-friendly touchscreen with HD camera, and noise-cancelling mic
Instant Health Reports with medication prescription, and treatment recommendation
Integrated Medicine Dispenser
Several AI-enabled health check-up solution (Coming soon).

Use Cases for Advance HealthATM

Advanced Health ATM can be installed and effectively used in Primary Health Centre (PHC), Health Sub-Centre, Wellness Centre, Clinics, OPD Areas of Hospitals, Corporate Offices, Schools, and Anganwadi Centre for general screening purpose, and teleconsultation.
Technical Specifications
HealthATM Type Advance
Model Type Standing
Material Metal, FRP
Weight 70 Kgs
Size: L x W x H (cm x cm x cm) 60 x 47 x 222
Display 19.5 in
Processor Configuration ARM Cortex
Operating System Android
Maximum Power Consumption 800 W
Operating Temperature 5 ~ 28°C (41 ~ 77°F)
Our basic healthatm parameters

65+ Parameters

General Body Checkups

Height | Weight | BMI | BMR | Hydration | Body Fat | Muscle Quality Score | Visceral Fat | Bone Mass | Muscle Mass | Metabolic Age | Blood Pressure | Pulse Rate | Oxygen Saturation | Temperature

Cardiac Checkups

12 Lead ECG | Lipid Profile: Total Cholesterol (TC) | Triglycerides | TC/HDL | High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) | Low-Density Lipoprotein | LDL/HDL Ratio | Non – HDL | ApoA1 | APOB

Diabetes, Hemoglobin, Other

Blood glucose (Random) | Post-Prandial glucose | Hemoglobin | Stethoscope Examination (Heart & Lung Sound) | Derma scope Examination | Spirometry PFT | Otoscope Examination | Alcohol breath Analyzer | Creatine Kinase-MB | Free Thyroxine T4


Glucose | Bilirubin | Ketone | Specific Gravity | Blood | pH | Protein | Urobilinogen | Nitrite | Leukocytes | Pregnancy Detection

Infectious Diseases 

HIV Ab/Ag 4th Gen | Covid-19 Ag | Malaria | Dengue | Chikungunya | Leptospirosis | Filariasis | S.Typhi/Paratyphi Ag | Typhoid IgG/IgM | Toxoplasmosis Rubella Cytomegalovirus Hepatitis (A, B, C, E) | Helicobacter Pylori | Syphillis Ab | Herpes I & II | RA | Streptococcus Pneumonia | Legionella Ag

White Blood Cells, Biomarkers

Total Leukocytes | Neutrophils | Lymphocytes | Monocytes| Eosinophils | Basophils | Cardiac Troponin I | Fetal Occult Blood (FOB-Hi) | NT proBNP | D-dimer | C-Reactive Protein | hs CRP | PSA | RA Factor
FAQs related to Advance HealthATM

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Advance HealthATM measures 65+ vital health parameters - invasive and non-invasive including blood pressure, body composition analysis, pulse test, lipid profile, and more. Test parameters can also be expanded to 100+ tests.
We adhere to relevant medical device regulations. Our HealthATM is an aggregation of US FDA/EU CE Certified IoT-enabled medical devices demonstrating its effectiveness for use in healthcare settings.
We strive to maintain high precision and reliability in our devices. Our HealthATM undergoes rigorous calibration to ensure an accuracy of 97 - 98 % in its measurements.
HealthATM is integrated with the POCT devices. It covers a wide range of diagnostic tests including blood glucose monitoring, cholesterol testing, pregnancy testing, infectious disease testing, coagulation monitoring, and more. Immediate results are provided after the tests supporting timely interventions and immediate treatment decisions.
No clinical directive or prescription note is required for performing medical tests at the HealthATM.
Yes, HealthATM supports local languages like - Hindi, Marathi, Gujrati, and Urdu. For convenience, and ease of use more regional languages are also being integrated.
HealthATM's proprietary cloud-centric platform supports Telemedicine facility integrated with Doctor Login and Patient Management. For Teleconsultation, a link empaneled in the system is shared with the Doctor which can be accessed anywhere. Real-time tests are performed during the call and a Digital Prescription is shared with the patient with the e-signature of the Doctor.
Instant test Results Report is generated and shared with the patients via - email, SMS, WhatsApp along with a printed copy.