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Arunachal Pradesh

Primary Health Centre
Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh
July, 2022


YoloHealth was able to able to aptly identify the challenges faced by the locals of Arunachal Pradesh in terms primary healthcare services. Quality medical services were not accessible by people staying in rural and remote areas. The Primary Health Centers (PHCs) were also ill-equipped in terms of infrastructure facilities, and there was a constant unavailability and shortage of Specialist Doctors.

People had cover a long distance to reach labs and hospitals for carrying out diagnostic tests to know about their health condition. The tests performed at those labs are also quiet expensive, increasing burden on residents to bear cost of travelling as well as medical services and tests. Also, a lot of time is wasted in waiting for the test reports.


In order to build a strong primary and preventive healthcare system across the state, Arunachal Pradesh Govt. had taken a significant step in healthcare delivery. In Jul 2022, 98 Advance HealthATMs were installed in the state, redefining medical accessibility.

Deployment of 98 units of these innovative health kiosks at all the existing and new Primary Health Centres (PHCs), lead to people getting instant diagnostics and online Doctor Consultation through Telemedicine facility. HealthATMs provides comprehensive range of vital health parameters such as Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose Levels, ECG, ENT, Skin, etc. It is also equipped with rapid test kits for a variety of Infectious and Non-communicable diseases.


YoloHealth network has truly transformed the healthcare delivery in Arunachal Pradesh. People were able to get diagnosed accurately for diverse health conditions, leading to prompt treatment action. People were able to connect real-time with Healthcare specialists through Telemedicine gaining insights.

People can easily keep trach of their health indices and become proactive in their approach. HealthATM as one-stop medical solution, broke the conventional cost barrier associated with healthcare services. All the tests were performed at nominal price. The impact has been profound with the accomplishment of improved health status of the local population.

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