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Vinayak Kumar
Managing Director (MD)
Pradeep Sonkar
Chief Product Officer (CPO)
Piyush Soni
Vice President - Partnership & Alliance

Dr. Prashant Kulshrestha

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

A strategist mind powered by knowledge in medical science, legal aspects, of healthcare and business management. A contributor and health tech enthusiast who is on mission to improve access to help and care. Healthcare business leader with 20+ years of enriching exposure to healthcare sector. He successfully delivered expertise to more than 10,000 hospital beds including public hospitals. He has been an invited member to workshop committee of government for review of Clinical Establishment Act. He has been Chief Advisor on developing various IT web and mobile applications for use in healthcare ranging from emergency response, webinars, and medical tourism to exclusive healthcare FinTech. He is also an active member at National Digital Health Task Force at ASSOCHAM, and National CSR Council ASSOCHAM.