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Dr. Prashant Kulshrestha
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Pradeep Sonkar
Chief Product Officer (CPO)
Piyush Soni
Vice President - Partnership & Alliance

Vinayak Kumar

Managing Director (MD)
Harvard Kennedy School

An innovative entrepreneur, who emerges as a beacon of change by developing Sustainable Healthcare solutions that can make a real difference in common people's lives. He's not just a local visionary but also a global thinker. With a strong background in healthcare technology and innovation, he is committed to creating innovative healthcare solutions that can be implemented in places where quality medical services is not readily available.
Under his guidance HealthATM India Pvt Ltd is committed to enhancing healthcare accessibility in all corners of society. At the core of his innovation is the Yolo Health ATM is not just a machine; it's a bridge connecting people to essential medical services.
Through the Yolo Health ATM, lives have been transformed. He envisions expanding the Yolo Health Foundation's reach, leaving an indelible mark on India's healthcare landscape.