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Lucknow Smart City Limited

HealthATM Center
Lucknow Smart City Limited
December, 2021


City of Lucknow witnessed disparity in accessibility of healthcare services in urban, semi-urban and rural parts of the city. People in rural and semi-urban parts are unaware of the primary medical services and are lagging in their personal health management. Problems such as nutrition deficiency, anemia, and diseases like dengue, malaria, and HIV were prevalent. This pose a serious issue at the progress and development of the city and in turn state, as healthy individuals make thriving and productive societies.


Under the Lucknow Smart City Initiative, 100 Advance YoloHealth ATM were installed across the city. The capital city of Uttar Pradesh, witnessed a healthcare transformation in December 2021. These HealthATMs were placed through Lucknow at various public places like Parks, Primary Health Centres, Railway Station, Bus Stops etc.                                                                   

These HealthATM Centres are set up in a portable cabinet of 15 x 8 ft, and are integrated with the state-of-the-art technological solutions. One paramedic staff will be deployed at the center for day to day checkups. Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute (SGPGI) is providing and managing doctors for Tele-consultation.

You can walk up to your nearest HealthATM Center and get instant check-up for vital parameters such as Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose Levels, Pulse Rate, and Body Composition Analysis, and more. The best part is that one doesn’t need to book an appointment for getting health tests done, and one can also consult a doctor through telemedicine facility.


The YoloHealth ATM Network has truly transformed healthcare system in Lucknow. People in Lucknow can easily keep track of their health indices leading to prompt detection of irregularity and the treatment to start sooner. With this advancement, people are encouraged to be proactive for taking ownership of their wellbeing. In this way, these HealthATM Centers are serving as a digital extension, strengthening the health infrastructure. 

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