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Mobile Medical Unit

YoloHealth Mobile Medical Unit, is a Mobile Health Clinic designed to provide essential medical care to underserved or remote populations. Through Mobile Healthcare facility, we reach villages, and geographically dispersed areas that lack proper medical infrastructure, and primary health centers. The YoloHealth MMU is Certified by Competent Authority, and complies with the relevant regulations and standards. Our Mobile Medical Unit can be quickly and easily deployed during disasters, outbreaks, or other emergency situations to provide medical assistance at minimal price including general check-ups, minor treatments, dispensing medications, and referring to Hospital Specialties in case of severe medical condition.
YoloHealth Mobile Medical Unit can conduct invasive and non-invasive tests instantly, checking more than 70 health parameters. It is also equipped with a comprehensive range of medical apparatus and supplies including Digital Stethoscope, Dermatoscope, Otoscope, and a Teleconsultation platform. Our MMU is managed by a team of 2 Paramedics, who are trained and skilled to perform initial health screening and provide accurate health diagnosis.
Service Features
Thermal Insulation to provide better temperature control
Homogenous non-static, mark-resistant, anti-skid flooring
Examination room with proper seating chairs, and ECG foldable bed
Sound proof audiometry cabin for accurate audiometric testing that meets the noise standards
Autorefractrometer for auto assessment of refractive errors in vision
Integrated with YoloHealth ATM, providing Instant Screening, Instant Health Reports, and Telemedicine facility
Fire Extinguisher in case of fire emergency
Awning to provide shade in case of extreme weather conditions
Toilet with all accessories and Water Storage Tank (200 L)
Technical Specifications
MMU Type Bus
Engine Power 92Kw @2800 r/min
Size: L x W x H (cm x cm x cm) 719 x 312 x 234
Gross Vehicle Weight 7000 Kgs
Battery 12 V, 100 Ah
Invertor 3 kVA
Alternator 75 A/ 150 A
3 Socket 220 V AC,15/5 A
1 Socket 12 V DC
Lighting Complete LED

Use Cases for Mobile Medical Unit

YoloHealth Mobile Medical Unit can be effectively deployed at Rural Areas, Disaster Response Zones, Refugee Camps, Remote Industrial or Construction Sites, Nursing Homes, Border Areas, Community Events like Sporting Events and Community Health Fairs etc.
Our basic Mobile Medical Unit

70+ Parameters

General Body Checkups

Height | Weight | BMI | BMR | Hydration | Body Fat |  Muscle Quality Score | Visceral Fat | Bone Mass | Muscle Mass | Metabolic Age | Blood Pressure | Pulse Rate | Oxygen Saturation | Temperature

Cardiac Checkups

12 Lead ECG | Lipid Profile: Total Cholesterol (TC) | Triglycerides | High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) | Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) | LDL/HDL Ratio | Non – HDL  

Diabetes, Hemoglobin, TORCH Panel

Blood glucose (Fasting, Random, Post Prandial) | Hemoglobin | HbA1c | Toxoplasmosis | Rubella | Cytomegalovirus | HSV – 1 | HSV – 2


Glucose | Bilirubin | Ketone | Specific Gravity | Blood | pH | Protein | Urobilinogen | Nitrite | Leukocytes | Pregnancy Detection

Infectious Diseases 

HIV  | Malaria | Dengue | Chikungunya | Leptospirosis |  Filariasis | Scrub Typhus | Hepatitis A | Typhoid | S. Typhi/ Paratyphi Ag | Helicobacter Pylori | Troponin | Covid-19 Ag


Digital Stethoscope | Dermascope (Skin Checkup) | Otoscope (Ear Checkup) | Pregnancy (HCG) | Fecal Occult Blood (FOB – Hi) | Audiometry Checkup | Liver Function Tests | Kidney Function Tests (Creatnin, Uric Acid) | Auto-Refractrometer (Eye Vision Testing)