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Welcome To Our Company
YoloHealth is a Healthcare Technology company started with the research at IIT Bombay in the field of Medical IoT. Small steps taken towards detecting potential issues at an early stage and providing quality medical services to all resulted in the trademark product HealthATM, a one stop solution for overall health assessment. We made imperative modifications over the years pertaining to the features, accuracy, and throughput of the medical IoT devices through valuable inputs from the industry experts.

Today, we are a leading brand in the given segment of Smart Health Kiosk by staying abreast with technological advancements, and trends in the Biomedical Device Industry. By delving into innovation, and employing a holistic approach, our HealthATM variants are in the form of wall mount designs, standing model, portable, and a desktop model as per personalized requirements, and use case suitability. Presently, we are assiduously working towards integration of AI for predictive health models, and on creating open API Interoperable Network based technology applications for seamless healthcare ecosystem on lines of compliance needed as per Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission, the flagship program of Government of India to enable greater transparency and accountability in Healthcare services delivery in India.

Our Journey

Mission & Vision

To establish patient-centric, integrated, and sustainable healthcare ecosystem that ensures improved well-being for individuals, society, and the nation.
To pioneer transformative healthcare technology solution that bring about a positive impact on individual health. To revolutionize the healthcare experience by earliest interventions.

Our Values

We strive to design solutions with a compassionate approach to healthcare challenges faced by individuals
Health Equity
We are actively working towards reducing health disparities ensuring fair and impartial access to healthcare resources
We are committed to pursuing excellence in product development, service delivery, and overall operations
We aspire for continuous improvement with the exploration of inventive solutions to address complex healthcare challenges

Our Project

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Arunachal Pradesh Project

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