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Healthcare Challenges

In many districts across Uttar Pradesh, local communities have long struggled with limited access to quality healthcare. Rural and remote areas often lack sufficient medical facilities, leading to delayed diagnoses, untreated conditions, and a general disparity in health outcomes compared to urban regions. The lack of nearby healthcare facilities, limited availability of healthcare professionals, along with transportation issues means that many individuals have to travel long distances for even basic health check-ups and treatments. This not only delays necessary medical intervention but also increases the overall cost and effort involved in seeking care, leaving many residents vulnerable and underserved. 

Transformative Action

In response to these pressing healthcare challenges, the Uttar Pradesh Medical Supplies Corporation Limited, a Government of Uttar Pradesh undertaking, took a decisive step by installing over 265 Health Kiosks across various districts. These kiosks were strategically placed in primary and community health centers to maximize their reach and impact. YoloHealth was proud to partner in this groundbreaking project.








Each HealthATM is equipped with advanced diagnostic tools, telemedicine capabilities, and integrated with Electronic Health Records (EHRs), offering a wide range of healthcare services, including blood pressure monitoring, glucose testing, body composition analysis, and virtual consultations with healthcare providers. Moreover, the instant availability of health reports further enhances the convenience and accessibility of the service. Whether delivered via Email, WhatsApp, SMS, or printed copy, individuals receive their health reports promptly, allowing them to review their results and take appropriate action as needed.


Impact Story 


The deployment of HealthATMs has had a transformative impact on healthcare accessibility in Uttar Pradesh. Thousands of residents now have convenient access to essential health services right in their communities, reducing the need for long and costly travel to distant hospitals and health centers. The integration of EHRs ensures that patient data is securely stored and easily accessible to healthcare providers, improving the continuity and quality of care. Moreover, the telemedicine capabilities of the kiosks have connected patients with specialist doctors, providing expert medical advice and treatment plans that were previously out of reach.  Furthermore, the kiosks have helped in early detection and management of chronic diseases, improving overall health outcomes and reducing the burden on traditional healthcare facilities.The success of this project underscores the potential of innovative healthcare solutions to bridge the gap in rural and remote healthcare delivery. This initiative has also set a benchmark for other regions to follow, showcasing the power of technology in addressing healthcare disparities.