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Yolo Phygital Health Centres Establishment & Operations

Yolo Health established a revolutionary Phygital Health Center that seamlessly integrates Physical and Digital healthcare solutions in response to the evolving needs of corporate landscape, educational institutions, and residential communities. This comprehensive center encompasses offers a harmonious blend of leading-edge technology, expert healthcare, personalized interventions, and community wellness initiatives.

Bridging the gap between physical and digital healthcare, our Phygital Health Centers ensures that the individuals have the flexibility to choose in-person consultations or remote access for medical care, basis their preference and convenience. Yolo Phygital Centers redefines health management, delivering transformative benefits to employees, students, and residents alike.
Service Features
Empowering individuals with real-time health data, and proactive health management through leading-edge technologies like Telemedicine, Wearables, Health Apps, and Health Analytics
Economical due to streamlined administrative processes, and resource utilization. It optimizes healthcare budgets without compromising the quality.
Ensures Data Privacy and Security by adhering to regulatory standards, and safeguarding sensitive health data.
Extends beyond individual care by offering community wellness programs, lifestyle improvement programs, and community outreach initiatives