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Yolo-K12 School Program 

Schools play a significant role in creating a culture of health and wellbeing. Yolo-K12 School Program is a comprehensive School Health Program by YoloHealth, an initiative aimed at fostering the wellbeing and health of students. Healthy students are better able to concentrate and perform well academically. At YoloHealth, we understand the importance of having a coordinated, and strategic approach that promotes preventive care among students.

The School Health Program is important as regular health checkups and screenings can help identify and address health issues early on. HealthATMs are self-service kiosks equipped with various health monitoring tools. Integration of HealthATM in the School Health Program contribute to the student health management in several ways. HealthATM helps in checking vital health components such as blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and body composition analysis. Also, there is vision checkup, teeth checkup, and posture evaluation for students.

HealthATM collects and stores health data of each student, allowing for trend analysis. Schools can use this information to identify patterns and make informed decisions. Students and parents can access their health information through kiosks, promoting transparency. HealthATMs provide a convenient way for students to check their health status without disrupting their academic schedule. Training sessions provided to teachers and staff on handling health-related emergencies. Access to the latest medical devices and technology ensure accurate and reliable health monitoring.

Get Involved!

We believe that a successful School Health Program is a collaborative effort. Parents, teachers, students, and the community at large play integral roles in fostering a healthy school environment. Here are ways you can get involved:

  • 1. Adopt HealthATM enabled School Medical Room
  • 2. Attend our health and wellness workshops and seminars.
  • 3. Volunteer for health-related events and initiatives.
  • 4. Stay informed about our program’s activities through regular updates on our website and newsletters.

We believe that a healthy student is a thriving student. Join us on our journey to create a healthier, happier, and more resilient school community.

Service Features
State-of-the-art wellness Center with First Aid Box, Consumables, Oxygen Cylinders, Examination Beds, Paramedical Staff, and School Coordinators
YoloHealth ATM with integrated Telemedicine Facility
Instant Health Reports (Soft Copy & Hard Copy) right after the screening
Electronic Health Records of students stored in HealthATM Database
Parental Mobile App with updated health status of the student
Mobile Medical Unit (state-of -the-art HealthATM Bus)
HealthATM Test Parameters
Test Name Tests
Body Stats Weight
Body Mass Index
Bone Mass
Muscle Mass
Visceral Fat
Body Fat
Metabolic Age
Metabolic Rating
Muscle Quality Score
Blood Pressure Systolic
Pulse Test Oxygen Saturation
Pulse Rate
Body Temperature
Blood Glucose
Lipid Profile Total Cholesterol
HDL Ratio
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