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Community Outreach Program

The primary goal of YoloHealth is to empower the communities and establish positive relationships, providing valuable resources, and addressing their needs and concerns. YoloHealth focuses on leveraging cutting edge technology of HealthATM to actively engage with communities, promote health awareness, and enhance accessibility to primary and preventive healthcare services.

YoloHealth identifies strategic locations within the community to deploy HealthATM, offering a range of health assessments and screenings. Integrating Telehealth services for virtual consultations through the kiosks facilitating remote access to healthcare professionals. We also organize health-related workshops and events in collaboration with local healthcare professionals, healthcare providers including hospitals of repute, providing opportunities for community members to interact with healthcare experts.

We are always busy in establishing partnerships with local healthcare providers, community organizations, and clinics while we keep on strengthening the ones we have. We launch and run targeted health promotion campaigns through online and offline channels.

YoloHealth actively reaches out to the community members, listens to their concerns and opinions, respects their diversity, and collaborates to create a positive impact on their wellbeing and quality of life by encouraging community members to adopt healthier lifestyles and preventive healthcare measures.

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    Who should collaborate with us?
    Communities: Companies/ Corporate/ Employee Groups/ Office Complexes/ Residential Complexes/ Clubs/ Associations all those who are interested in organizing health screening events on their premise
    Healthcare Providers: Doctors/ Dentist/ Optometrist/ Audiologist/ Physiotherapist/ Clinical Nutritionist/ Mental Health Experts/ Clinics/ Polyclinics/ Nursing Home/ Hospitals/ Rehabilitation Homes/ Health Tech Aggregators all those who are interested in newer market engagement, customer servicing, brand recall activities or simple marketing/ visibility.