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Utility Applications - HMIS, LMIS, Pharmacy Management

Yolo Health’s proprietary Information Management System software is designed to manage and streamline various administrative, operational, and clinical processes within a Hospital, Lab, and a Pharmacy. It collects, stores, analyses, and evaluates health related data from healthcare facility. It derives much of its information from patient provider interactions in medical facility. It maintains digital health records including medical history, diagnoses, treatment plans, and test results for easy access of up-to-date patient information.

It is a comprehensive software service that improves the patient care, enhances operational efficiency, reduces manual documentation, increases accuracy, and enables data-driven policy making & decision making. It plays a crucial role in modernizing healthcare facilities and adapting to the digital age of medical practice.
Service Features
Facilitates easy registration, tracking and management of patient information including demographics, and medical history
Enables the scheduling and management of patient appointments with doctors, specialists, and various departments
Handles billing, invoicing, insurance claims, and financial transactions, and transparent financial management
Assists in prescriptions, medication inventory management, and pharmacy management
Integrates laboratory and radiology results for efficient tracking and access to diagnostic information
Advanced Features Integration
Digital Reports & Analytics
Dashboards with Notifications
Patient Data Encryption
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