Centralized Digital Health Kiosk Management System

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Centralized Health Kiosk Management System

It is a centralized management system designed to monitor and provide operational support for the HealthATMs. It serves as a central hub for monitoring and supporting all the installed and in line for installation HealthATMs. It comprises of a dedicated Control Center for tracking the performance and real-time monitoring of all deployed HealthATMs at various locations. Health Kiosk functionalities are remotely controlled and managed.

The Control Center also ensures secure login mechanisms for administrators and authorized personnel. There is role-based access control to manage permissions for different users. It manages integration with Electronic Health records (EHR) systems for seamless data exchange with healthcare providers for a more comprehensive view of a user’s health. There is active monitoring of Kiosk Hardware malfunctions or Software issues, and automated tracking of maintenance schedules of each kiosk. Additionally, it provides reports on Kiosk Usage, Health Trends, and User Demographics. Data Analytics for optimizing kiosk placement and improving service offerings.

Implementing Centralized Health Kiosk Management System enhances the efficiency, security, and overall performance of health kiosk networks, ultimately contributing to improved healthcare accessibility and patient engagement. The Centralized Management System has vast capability for expansion to accommodate a larger network of Health Kiosks. It ensures uninterrupted functionality, and plays a vital role in revolutionizing healthcare accessibility, and service delivery.

Service Features
It ensures swift identification of hardware malfunction, and timely resolution of technical issues in the HealthATMs, maintaining kiosk availability.
It provides user with immediate support and guidance with mechanisms for users to provide feedback improving patient experience and satisfaction.
It ensures the security of sensitive health data collected by the Kiosk, and compliance with health regulations.
The Centre’s Analytics helps in making data-driven decision, leading to effective resource allocation, and improved healthcare delivery.
Optimized resource allocation and kiosk deployment potentially result in cost savings for the healthcare systems.
It provides support for adding new features and functionalities as technology evolves.
Centralized System Functions
Centralized Kiosk monitoring
Real-time monitoring
Remote Control
Central hub for operational support
Data Security and Authentication
Analytics and Reporting
Service Enquiry