Transforming Healthcare: YoloHealth ATMs in Arunachal Pradesh

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Transforming Healthcare: YoloHealth ATMs in Arunachal Pradesh

YoloHealth aptly identified the challenges faced by the locals of Arunachal Pradesh for essential medical services. The whole process for basic health check-ups was very time consuming as the people had to visit far off labs for testing, and hospitals for consultation. Also, few dispersed areas in the state has absence of any medical facility or ill equipped health centers.

In order to build a strong primary and preventive healthcare system across the state, Arunachal Pradesh has taken a significant step in healthcare delivery. In Jul 2022, the state installed 98 advance YoloHealth ATMs, redefining the medical accessibility.

Deployment of the 98 units of the these innovative health kiosks at all the existing and new primary health centres (PHCs) lead to people getting instant diagnostics, and tele-consultation through e-sanjeevani portal. This drastically reduced the healthcare disparity by people availing the benefits of this medical advancement.

The HealthATM provides comprehensive range of vital tests measuring parameters such as Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose Levels, Malaria, Dengue, ECG, ENT, skin etc. With this remarkable and economical one stop solution, the people of Arunachal Pradesh are empowered to take full control of their health. The impact has been profound with the accomplishment of improved health status of the local population.